Camera privacy policy

This app requires the Camera permission for the core functionality of the app. The Microphone permission is optional and only requested when starting video recording without disabling "Include Audio". Video can be recorded without granting Microphone access as long as "Include Audio" is disabled. Geotagging is disabled by default and enabling it will request the Location permission. The app doesn't require access to your media or other files. It stores files to the profile's Media Store and requests that they be placed in DCIM/Camera which doesn't require a permission. You can also choose to change the directory which will have you choose a directory for it to use via the system file manager.

This app implements the system camera intent interfaces enabling other apps to use it to take pictures or record videos with explicit user consent. Only the resulting image or video explicitly captured by the user is given to the app. On Android 11 and later, only a system camera app can provide the system camera intents. This app is the system camera app on GrapheneOS where it provides that functionality. The handling of the intents is carefully designed to make it harder to trick users into accidentally capturing an image by implementing a delay.

This app does not make any network connections and doesn't use any services. The app will never include any analytics/telemetry or any form of data collection. No connections will ever be made to a service without the user requesting it. It stores settings internally and pictures/videos captured by the user in Android's media store for the profile.

Unlike nearly any other QR/barcode scanning apps, QR/barcode scanning does not open the resulting URL automatically.