You can contact for topics related to GrapheneOS. The address can be used for high priority security issues. The email address of the lead developer is as a fallback option for anything else.

The official Twitter account for the project is @GrapheneOS which is used for official announcements. The account of the lead developer is @DanielMicay and is primarily focused on the privacy and security research/engineering work on GrapheneOS.


The main forum currently used to discuss the project is the official /r/GrapheneOS subreddit on Reddit.

The official IRC channel is #grapheneos on The channel is bridged to Matrix and is available at for Matrix users.

Reporting issues

Most issues should be reported to the global OS issue tracker for GrapheneOS sub-projects. However, standalone projects and anything outside of the GrapheneOS source tree (like the websites) has a dedicated issue tracker. The issue trackers are listed for reference: