GrapheneOS feature overview

This is an overview of the current set of features differentiating GrapheneOS from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This page does not currently cover any of our historical features that are either not yet reimplemented or which became obsolete due to improvements in AOSP. Each major release of AOSP brings substantial privacy and security improvements, some of which have been based on our research and development work.

GrapheneOS is based on the Android 11 release of the Android Open Source Project which provides a strong baseline for privacy and security. GrapheneOS takes great care to preserve the baseline privacy and security, including taking full advantage of all of the standard hardware features. The privacy and security features inherited from AOSP and the hardware are not covered here. Documentation on that will be gradually added elsewhere on our site.


Partial list of GrapheneOS features beyond what AOSP 11 provides:


Service infrastructure features:


Beyond the technical features of the OS: